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Field Mouse


Field Mouse is a device-controlling App developed for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Field Mouse lets you switch in-field devices to ON and OFF directly from your phone.

• Operate irrigation and other applications with your phone

• No need to access the central-controlor in-field devices when testing operations

• Set access-levels and geo-fences for your operators

• Track history of operations

• Increase operator efficiency and reduce lost time


Field MousePlans:

• Install the Field Mouse Interface Device and connect as many phones as you want.

• There is a Field Mouse plan to suit your operation


Frequently Asked Questions:
What does Field Mouse do?

Field Mouse is a smartphone app which lets you control in-field, control devices with your smartphone.

What sort of things can Field Mouse control?

You can activate/deactivate in-field, control devices used for water management applications (e.g. irrigation, water transfer, etc.), field and security lighting, security gates and doors, and many other applications. If an in-field device can be activated/deactivated by digital input, Field Mouse can control it.

Who controls Field Mouse?

Once you have purchased Field Mouse, you then appoint your own Administrator, and then your Administrator controls FieldMouse for you.

Who can use Field Mouse on their phone?

Any User that your Administrator authorizes to use Field Mouse can control in-field devices from their smartphone. The Administrator will issue the permissions to each User (via the Administration web portal) for the devices that each User needs to control. The User can then control his/her allocated devices from his/her own smartphone.

Can I control the times when Field Mouse can be used?

Yes, the Administrator can set time windows for each user, and for the devices which canbe controlled by thoseUsers.


The Administrator sets a time-window in the system for a field lighting operation. The Administrator allocates a certain bank of lights to certain authorized Users. The authorized Users can only operate the allocated lights after the time-window is opened, and before the time-window closes. The lights won’t activate until the User commands them to activate after the time-window opens, and the lights will automatically deactivate when the time window closes(so the lights can’t be left on). Time windows can be set for certain days of the week, and for certain times on those days.

Is it safe to use Field Mouse?

Field Mouse has in-built security features.

• Only Users authorized by yourAdministrator can use FieldMouse.

• Users are issued individual security logins by your Administrator to allow Users to access the Field Mouse system.

• Administrators can limit the in-field,control devices that each User can access.

• User history is logged in the Field Mouse system, and displayed to both the Users and the Administrator. Every command issued by a User is tracked and logged.

• Administrators can geo-fence User access. This will allow authorized Field MouseUsers to control certain in-field, control devices only when the authorized user is within a certain location area, set by the Administrator. The User’s smartphone must have GPS Location capability to use this feature. This is useful to ensure that Users actually attend a particular site to use Field Mouse –preventing unwanted remote activation/deactivation (no shenanigans from the pub!)

if I want Field Mouse, how do I set it up?

You contact Centratech Systems Pty Ltd(see contacts below) and our representative will design, quote and install your system. You may need certain interface equipment in the field to allow your in-field devices to be controlled by Field Mouse. The representative will advise you of your requirements and he/she will include this equipment in the quote.

Can I let my clients or customers use Field Mouse?

Yes, you can issue User rights to clients and customers so that they can control certain in-field, control devices themselves, and you can track their usage. This feature is useful for controlling field lighting, so that sports clubs can switch the lights on and off within their allocated time window.

How many users can each Field Mouse system have?

The number of potential Users who can be authorized to use Field Mouse is unlimited; however there are practical and administrative aspects which you may need to consider when setting your own maximum number of Users. 

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